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We’re here to help your contractors make the most of their income.

PAYE Umbrella

Changes in legislation have resulted in traditional PAYE Umbrella solutions no longer delivering optimum returns for contractors. Without travel and subsistence relief today’s Umbrella is a simple outsourced employment management solution and should be priced accordingly. Fair Pay Services provide a cost effective solution whilst delivering a high level of service and operational efficiency to contractors, agencies and companies alike.

In addition to the efficiencies, we also offer an unbeatable Employee Benefits package for all of our contractors. They will receive a login for our website and app which features over 200 exclusive perks and discounts. From great price cinema tickets, to money off coffee shops, supermarkets and meals out, these have been handpicked to offer them real world savings and value!

Contractors are fully employed on a contract of employment, which provides continuity and stability through any series of assignments as well as full employment rights and dedicated HR support. All income is paid as employment income and PAYE and NICs are deducted at source.

CIS Payroll

CIS refers to Construction Industry Scheme Payroll. This is a term used in the construction industry when referring to contractors who pay sub-contractors to perform work for them.

CIS Payroll can apply to any employment agency or end client / hirer that supplies self employed sub-contractors to the construction industry.  Subject to a Supervision, Direction and Control assessment to ensure that the sub-contractor is genuinely self employed, Fair Pay Services will be able to pay them through our CIS Payroll scheme and take the administrative burden away from you.

We will;


  • Verify the sub-contractor with HMRC
  • Calculate and pay CIS tax
  • Inform the sub-contractor the amount they will be paid
  • Take all responsibility for all status submissions to HMRC
  • Provide both a payment statement (for each time the sub-contractor is paid) and an annual CIS deduction statement
  • take away the risk of CIS penalties

Outsourced PAYE Payroll Bureau Services

Payroll can often be the biggest cost to any organisation, but is also quite often thought of as being straightforward and boring.  However, changes to legislation have added further perils and pitfalls to the weekly or monthly process.  These include ensuring compliance with National Minimum Wage (NMW), National Living Wage (NLW), Real Time Information (RTI), and Pensions Auto Enrolment (PAE).  Failure to comply correctly with these can result in large fines and penalties to your business.

Why not consider an expert outsource provider such as Fair Pay Services to relieve you of these burdens and allow you to concentrate on other important areas such as growing your business.  

By outsourcing your payroll to us, you can also ensure that the payroll remains compliant in an ever changing legislative landscape.

There are no setup costs at all and we only charge a fixed amount per payslip processed in each pay period, there are no hidden extras. 


PEO (Professional Employment Organisation) is a fairly new concept in the UK but it is extremely well established in the USA.

It has all of the benefits of PAYE Umbrella such as outsourced employment, continuity of employment and full employment rights but a key difference is there is no cost or fee to the worker for being employed by the PEO.

Your workers will receive a straightforward PAYE payslip, removing some of the obstacles associated with umbrella employment.

It’s a completely transparent way to pay your workers and is safe and reliable for agencies and end-hirers alike.

All workers will be automatically enrolled in our unbeatable Employee Benefits package, Flexr Rewards and will also be covered on our group personal accident insurance policy.

Get in touch to find out more about PEO!

PAYE Umbrella Net Pay Calculator

Why not enter your contractor’s gross weekly contract income to see what the net take home pay would be through Fair Pay Services PAYE Umbrella scheme?

For the figures shown, we have assumed a 1250L W1/M1 tax code and a worker that has opted out of our auto enrolment pension scheme.  For a personalised example please contact us on 0333 311 0633 or sales@fairpayservices.co.uk

If you would like to refer one of your contractors to us to be registered for our PAYE Umbrella or CIS Payroll services, you can click the button below or email the details to register@fairpayservices.co.uk


Fair Pay Services

Fair Pay Services is one of the UK’s most cost effective payroll partners for Contractors, Employment Agencies and all other businesses. Powered by Flexr, Fair Pay Services delivers everything expected of a payroll partner at a fraction of the cost. Full employment rights, a dedicated online employee portal and a full suite of insurances leaves contractors free to concentrate on what they do best, safe in the knowledge that everything else is taken care of.

Our Services

Fair Pay Services deliver a number of services;

  • You can outsourced your internal PAYE payroll to our fully managed PAYE Bureau
  • You can outsource your contractors to our traditional PAYE Umbrella employment solution
  • You can outsource your CIS Payroll if you work with sub-contractors in the construction sector

We will work with you to understand your requirements and tailor our services to meet them.  Please do get in touch to find out more about how we can help you and your business.

Online portals and a sophisticated suite of processing technologies ensure that contractors, agencies and companies can easily submit timesheet data with invoicing and payroll processed daily.

Automation and an international infrastructure deliver all this at a fraction of the cost of a traditional payroll partner.

Why Choose

Fair Pay Services

Fair Pay Services deliver a number of payroll options to suit your needs.

We have been audited by and are accredited by Professional Passport, a leading mark of compliance in the payroll and professional services sector.

We offer our services to any business at all with a desire to outsource their payroll services. 

We are happy to offer our PAYE Bureau services for payroll’s of a single employee or director up to many hundreds and more.  We charge for this on an extremely competitive, per payslip basis with no hidden extras.

Our PAYE Umbrella service is predominantly aimed at employment agencies but is also suitable for businesses that engage contractors directly and would like to investigate future proofing themselves against the upcoming changes to the IR35 legislation. 

Our CIS Payroll service is specifically aimed at businesses that engage sub-contractors within the construction sector.

PAYE Umbrella and CIS payroll products also offer an unbeatable Employee Benefits package for all of our contractors. You will receive a login for our website and app which features over 200 exclusive perks and discounts. From great price cinema tickets, to money off meals out, these have been handpicked to offer you real world savings and value!

Fair Pay Services is

Powered by

Flexr is an employment management platform that will redefine the landscape for Umbrella employees.

Flexr combines humanity and technology through a dedicated call centre to assist with any HR or payroll enquiries you may have.

Flexr has a user friendly smartphone App that provides full visibility of all your timesheet and employment record, a simple tool to manage booking holidays and your own ‘personal assistant’ for any work related matters.

Flexr is a dedicated employee portal with all the functionality of the smartphone App and more.


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