Frequently Asked Questions

How does Fair Pay Services differ from other Umbrella providers?

Fair Pay Services is available at one of the lowest weekly margins in the market.Additionally, if you are paid monthly, it is the equivalent of just 3 weeks margin rather than 4. —we truly are one of the lowest cost Umbrella solutions in the market with a huge host of benefits available! Fair Pay Services provides the best returns for both agency and contractor, without compromising on service.

For our market beating weekly margin, contractors get optimum returns, hassle free employment and full employment rights from a solution which is fully insured and fully compliant. All this without any hidden costs.

What’s more, agencies benefit from a fully employed and insured workforce on a compliant future-proof solution – one that is much more commercially viable than any other service currently available in the market.

How can you offer Fair Pay Services at a low price and still maintain quality service?

With a global infrastructure, highly robust and scalable technologies and over 300 specialists worldwide, we are able to pass on the savings we make through their economies of scale to you.

Would there be additional charges aside from the weekly margin?

No. The service has been specifically designed so that it is free to join and free to leave. Not only this, contractors receive free faster payments, free perks & discounts and free insurances as part of the package.

How can our agency offer Fair Pay Services to our contractors?

Our dedicated implementation team will project manage the on-boarding process of contractors alongside a highly-skilled customer services team.

This simple, hassle-free process allows contractors to transfer to Fair Pay Services with ease and speed.

Simply contact our new business team on 0333 311 0633

What is Employment Cost and why am I paying it?

This is the amount of employers costs, including National Insurance and levies, which Fair Pay Services must pay based on your earnings. This is itemised on your payslip alongside the remaining margin retained by us.

Agencies will increase the PAYE hourly rate to Umbrella Contractors to include these costs to ensure that Umbrella Contractors are not worse off than PAYE workers.


Why am I paying fees for you to process my pay?

You are not paying Fair Pay Services to pay your wages. We take a small weekly margin for employing you and supplying your services to your agency. Margin covers:

  • Employers Liability, Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Drivers Negligence and Personal Accident Insurances
  • Flexr Rewards subscription with typical savings of £800-£1000 per year
  • Faster payment of funds
  • Dedicated helpdesk
  • Flexr- The Employment Management Platform which provides instant access to your timesheets, payslips, and absence records including leave requests and sickness
  • Fully compliant business model to facilitate working with agencies
How do I find out how much holiday I’ve accrued?

You receive statutory holiday pay every week in respect of your entitlement to paid leave. This is shown as HOLIDAY PAY on your payslip. Standard statutory holiday pay is currently 12.07% of your pay rate, although your individual accrual rate may vary due to AWR and increased comparator entitlements such as additional annual leave etc…

I don’t want my holiday pay paid to me each time I receive wages. I want it to be paid once I’ve taken holiday, is this possible?

Yes, absolutely.  Our standard position is that holiday pay is accrued for later use, you can then request it as pay when you take time off work.  If you do choose to have your holiday pay paid to you each time you are paid, we have a form that needs to be completed by you detailing this request.  You will be given the choice when you sign up with Fair Pay Services and are free to change your mind at any point.

Why is my basic rate on the second half of the page lower than my contract rate?

Your contract rate is the rate you have agreed that the agency will pay for your services. Your pay rate is the contract rate less our margin, less employment costs and less statutory holiday pay as is set out in both your contract and your assignment schedule.

I have been off sick for 3 days why I have not received payment?

As an employee you are entitled to statutory sick pay (SSP). SSP is paid when the employee is sick for 4 days in a row. You start receiving SSP from the fourth day (if you normally work that day) as the first three are so called ‘waiting days’ or ‘qualifying days’


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