PAYE Umbrella

Our Umbrella payroll solution will benefit anyone who works on short-term contracts such as;

Teaching Assistants
Health workers
IT Professionals

This list is not exhaustive – if you cannot see your profession here, simply contact us to see how we can help you save money today!

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PAYE Umbrella

Our Umbrella payroll solution will benefit anyone who works on short-term contracts such as;

Forklift Drivers
Warehouse Operatives
Production Workers

This list is not exhaustive – if you cannot see your profession here, simply contact us to see how we can help you save money today!


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PAYE Umbrella

Working through an umbrella company offers an ideal first step into contracting, without all the hassle and responsibility of paperwork. When you join Fair Pay Services, we’ll be with you every step of the way, with employment support and benefits that are second to none.

Changes in legislation have resulted in traditional PAYE Umbrella solutions no longer delivering optimum returns for contractors. Without travel and subsistence relief today’s Umbrella is a simple outsourced employment management solution and should be priced accordingly. Fair Pay Services provide a cost effective solution whilst delivering a high level of service and operational efficiency to contractors, agencies and companies alike.

We’ll handle your administration for you, calculating your tax and NI contributions and making payments to HMRC. At the same time, you’ll be paid swiftly and accurately, and there will always be someone available to talk to if you have any queries or concerns.

Offering the same fantastic benefits similar to an outsourced PAYE, Fair Pay Services provides contractors with continuing employment (OAC) and ability to claim allowable expenses at year end through personal tax returns.

Fair Pay Services is available at one of the lowest weekly margins in the marketplace. Additionally, if you are paid monthly, our margin is just £30 rather than the industry standard of 4 x weekly margin.  — we truly are one of the most cost effective Umbrella solutions in the market with a huge host of benefits available!

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Use the sliders and buttons below to view your personalised example by using our interactive net pay calculator.

For the figures shown, we have assumed a 1257L W1/M1 tax code and a worker that has opted out of our auto enrolment pension scheme. 

For a more specifically tailored example, including pension contributions and more, please;

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Full employment Rights

Fixed Pay Examples

You’ll have the option to either accrue holiday pay to be used when you take time off or alternatively to have it included each time you’re paid.  If you choose to accrue, the amount accrued in your holiday fund is visible to you each time that you log into your personal Flexr portal.

If you would like us to calculate and pay your holiday entitlement out to you  each time you’re paid, you just need to submit a holiday pay preference form.  We’ll give you further details of this when you complete your registration.

The below fixed examples show the difference in the holiday preferences.  They have presumed a weekly paid contractor with a gross contract income of £600 per week, a 1250L W1/M1 tax code and that has opted out of our auto-enrolment pension scheme.

All new contractors accrue Holiday Pay as standard which is illustrated on the Holiday Pay Accrued example above.

For contractors that would like us to calculate and pay their holiday entitlement out to them each time they’re paid, they must submit a holiday pay preference form confirming the change.  This is illustrated on the Holiday Pay Paid example above.

Standard Benefits

All contractors that are employed by us are automatically enrolled into our unbeatable benefits package.  Following your first payroll, you will receive a login for Flexr Rewards which features thousands of exclusive perks and discounts to help their salaries go that little bit further!

From supermarket discounts with Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Asda, Waitrose & Marks & Spencer.  Great price cinema tickets, money off of meals out, coffee shops and more, these have been handpicked to promote financial, physical, and emotional wellbeing for all of our employees.

To use a perk or discount, you simply login and either purchase a gift card to receive instant Cashback or generate a code, show the code to the cashier and your discount is automatically applied.  It couldn’t be easier!

All contractors that are employed by us are automatically covered by our £25,000 Group Personal Accident Insurance policy.
This includes accidents that occur while you are at work, and during your commute to a from work.  We even include cover for you if you are working from  home!
You don’t need to do anything to register for this, just get in touch with us to let us know if you’ve been involved in an accident and we will start the process.


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